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"He shall bless thee in the land which the Lord thy God gives thee."


Thou Shall Decree

Job 22:21-30- 21 "Now yield and submit yourself to Him [agree with God and be conformed to His will] and be at peace;
In this way [you will prosper and great] good will come to you.
22 "Please receive the law and instruction from His mouth
And establish His words in your heart and keep them.
23 "If you return to the Almighty [and submit and humble yourself before Him], you will be built up [and restored];
If you remove unrighteousness far from your tents,
24 And place your gold in the dust,
And the gold of Ophir among the stones of the brooks [considering it of little value],
25 And make the Almighty your gold
And your precious silver,
26 Then you will have delight in the Almighty,
And you will lift up your face to God.
27 "You will pray to Him, and He will hear you,
And you will pay your vows.
28 "You will also decide and decree a thing, and it will be established for you; And the light [of God’s favor] will shine upon your ways.
29 "When you are cast down and humbled, you will speak with confidence,
And the humble person He will lift up and save.
30 "He will even rescue the one [for whom you intercede] who is not innocent; And he will be rescued through the cleanness of your hands."

 To Decree = a formal and authoritative order, especially one having the force of law: Theology. one of the eternal purposes of God, by which events are foreordained.

Matt 16:19 – I will give you the keys (authority) of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind [forbid, declare to be improper and unlawful] on earth [a] will have [already] been bound in heaven, and whatever you loose [permit, declare lawful] on earth [b]will have [already] been loosed in heaven.”

James 5:17,18 - Elijah was a man with a nature like ours [with the same physical, mental, and spiritual limitations and shortcomings], and he prayed [a]intensely for it not to rain, and it did not rain on the earth for three years and six months. 18Then he prayed again, and the sky gave rain and the land produced its crops [as usual].

Friends /acquaintances don’t always understand what God is doing with you. Especially if you have a close relationship with the Lord. As Job’s friend did. But we can’t let that throw us off course. We must hold fast to the promises of God, knowing that there is a great reward for faithfulness.

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